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corporate law

Corporate law deals with M&A, shareholders' meetings, restructuring and liability issues of the directors. As a specialist lawyer, I support you in all areas of corporate law.

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antitrust law

Antitrust law determines the limits of competitive action by companies in sales, purchasing, pricing and agreements with competitors and the consequences of violations such as damages. I advise you in a structured manner in all matters relating to antitrust law and thus create clarity and certainty for you about your antitrust options and limits. 

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distribution right

andrelang law is a commercial law firm specializing in legal advice for sales, in particular by commercial agents and dealers, as well as legal representation due to the termination of the contract and the right to compensation. As your lawyer, I can advise and support you in all sales law matters and represent you in court. 

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international Business and Commercial Law

As a specialist lawyer for international commercial law, I offer competent support and legally reliable advice on all questions relating to international trade and commerce, especially when it comes to purchasing, liability cases, supply contracts and cooperation in research and development.

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liability and

As a lawyer, I take on the litigation in court disputes with suppliers, dealers, competitors, managing directors and shareholders. I represent your interests in court proceedings in the case of defective deliveries, damages due to antitrust violations and compensation claims. 

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Gesellschafterstreitigkeiten sind in der Praxis häufig und stellen eine komplexe Herausforderung dar, insbesondere beim Ausschluss eines Gesellschafters. Ich biete spezialisierte Rechtsberatung, um die Rechtmäßigkeit zu sichern und die Interessen aller Beteiligten zu schützen.

Do you need legal advice?

Of course, you can fully rely on me and my law firm andrelang law in Munich for support. Ask me without obligation.

Anwalt Gesellschaftsrecht und Handelsrecht

andrelang law

Specialized legal and specialist law firm in Munich

Your top contact for cross-border advice on commercial law

I dr. Christian Andrelang, LL.M., has been a self-employed lawyer and specialist lawyer for international business law and specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law in Munich for several years. During my many years of work in my law firm, I have gained special knowledge in key subject areas and have focused on this corporate law, the antitrust law, distribution rightcommercial and economic law, as well as the litigation specialized in these areas of law.

As an assertive and strong negotiating specialist lawyer for international business law and specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law, I offer you professional advice and support with my law firm and I am your top partner in all corporate and commercial law matters. With my commercial law firm, I am also happy to answer any legal questions relating to your company and I always answer them at eye level with my clients.

Be it the execution of a contract, a termination or a court case with opponents from Germany, cross-border from other European countries or the USA. With my law firm andrelang law in Munich, you can fully rely on my support and many years of experience.

andrelang law

Legal boutique for cross-border advice on international commercial law

The chancellery andrelang law stands for focused competence, efficient communication and a high level of commitment.

Through my experience as a freelance lawyer in Munich and as a lawyer in an international commercial law firm as a trusted advisor to the legal departments of several international companies, I know how to deal with a wide variety of issues in a targeted manner and know the challenges of international companies. I am convinced that I can represent you in the best possible way with my know-how and let myself be measured by the transparency and my commitment in our cooperation. I communicate with you in an understandable way and at eye level. You will understand just as much about your case as I do, because I will support you not only as a service provider, but also as a partner. Regardless of whether you need advice as a shareholder, as a company or as a managing director, with my law firm I am your right contact in all legal matters.

In addition to comprehensive advice and professional and committed legal support in my main areas of activity, you always benefit from my experience as a competent representative in court.

As a CEO, shareholder, managing director and decision-maker, opt for a specialized and experienced lawyer and specialist lawyer and thus receive high-quality solutions for your legal issues.

I offer you and your company many years of practical experience and expertise in the areas of antitrust law, distribution law, international business law and commercial law, international corporate law, insolvency law, UN sales law and litigation as well as representation in court.

Anwalt Gesellschaftsrecht und Handelsrecht

andrelang law

Your law firm in Munich

for international business law, as well as commercial and corporate law

You will find my law firm in Munich, near the Nymphenburg Palace. You can easily reach me by public transport or by car.

The personal conversation is very important to me. Therefore, I would like to invite you to my office for a non-binding initial consultation if you are interested and need it.

In my law firm andrelang law I offer you sales and social advice for your company. My special expertise as a lawyer includes the printing, musical instruments, gases and raw materials, communications technology, cosmetics and drugstore, lifestyle, food and automotive sectors.

Due to my close cooperation with the legal departments of several companies, especially internationally active companies from the communications technology, automotive, gas and chemical sectors, I am very familiar with company-related procedures, interests and processes.

No matter in which industry your company has made a name for itself, in my law firm the special features of this and the economic background of the company are included in the detailed consulting service.