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Legal issues in companies

Business Insights

Here you will find articles on corporate law as well as international commercial and business law. As a lawyer in this field, I would like to present you with information, tips and news on current topics and developments in these areas on a regular basis.

The topics

Gesellschafterstreit: Strategien und Konfliktlösungen im GmbH-Recht

Als Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht stellt sich jeder Gesellschafterstreit als besondere Herausforderung dar. Jeder Gesellschafterstreit ist eine komplexe Problematik im GmbH-Recht, die oft erhebliche Auswirkungen…

Einkaufsgemeinschaften im Kartellrecht

Die Gründung von Einkaufsgemeinschaften ist eine verbreitete Praxis in vielen Branchen. Hier finden Sie kartellrechtliche Informationen dazu.

Vertriebsvertrag: Fünf wichtige Gestaltungstipps

Vertriebsverträge sind wichtiger Bestandteil eines Vertriebssystems. Mit diesen 5 Tipps gestalten Sie sie richtig.

Shareholder dispute and confiscation of a share

Shareholder disputes are very common in legal practice as a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law. Here you will find information on the shareholder dispute and the withdrawal of a share.

Tips from the lawyer: commercial law

Business law, especially antitrust and distribution law, plays a crucial role for companies.

Overview from the lawyer: Company formation - the steps

Establishing a company is exciting, but there are many legal aspects. This article shows how it works and how a lawyer can help.

Legal advice for commercial companies

Effective legal advice for companies in retail: Learn how to master legal challenges.

Managing Directors – liability of the GmbH in case of bribery

The GmbH, for which a managing director worked, can be held liable for damage under certain conditions, for example in the case of bribery.