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Professional litigation representation

Nobody really wants to go to court. However, as the managing director of a limited liability company or as the head of your company, you cannot always avoid civil court proceedings. As a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law and a specialist lawyer for international business law in Munich, I take on litigation for my clients in court disputes with suppliers, dealers, competitors and shareholders.

  • Director's Liability

    in the event of a breach of duty for compensation for the damage incurred

  • claim for damages

    in case of bankruptcy

  • enforcement and defense

    of contractual claims for damages

  • litigation

    for claims under distribution law - compensation claim and damages

  • Corporate Disputes

    Exclusion and Compensation

1. Contact and understanding

Feel free to contact andrelang law with your request. It is important to me to understand your question and your goal precisely in order to check the appropriate procedure for you in the first step.

2. Options and solution

There are often several paths to a goal. Where this is the case for you, we use my legal assessment to select the combination of options that suits you in order to resolve your issue.

3. Implementation and result

The chosen solution is implemented in a legally secure manner. Wherever possible, the result is consistent with your goal. So that your company can operate safely on the market.

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Of course, you can fully rely on me and my law firm andrelang law in Munich for support. Ask me without obligation.

director liability

Lawyer for damages in Munich

The law firm andrelang law in Munich supports your company nationwide in claims for damages against former managing directors. If they have committed a breach of duty in the course of their management, they are liable to the company for damages. If you are the successor in management, you as the managing director are obliged to have possible claims for damages by the company against former managing directors examined and to assert them in court. According to the GmbH-Gesetz, the statute of limitations for claims for damages from a managing director occurs within five years after the breach of duty. It doesn't depend on the knowledge! Claims for damages begin to become time-barred as soon as court proceedings for damage can be started for the first time. 

Any breach of due diligence can trigger the liability of the GmbH managing director or board of directors. There is often a so-called D&O insurance (Directors & Officers insurance) that pays for the damage. It should be noted that case law can regard any gross negligence in the event of a breach of duty as breach of trust. A managing director may even be liable to prosecution.

Typical breaches of duty are violations of legal regulations and prohibitions, such as the prohibition on paying or accepting bribes. As a lawyer, however, I often encounter mistakes made through negligence. The managing director's employment contract often contains regulations on the limitation of liability. When advising you on a damaging event and the possible liability of the managing director, I will include the employment contract and the insurance. In addition, it is necessary for the shareholders' meeting to approve the action taken against the managing director. As an experienced litigator, I will advise you and your company on the requirements for the liability of the managing director and the liability of the insurance company. 

Kontaktieren Sie mich gerne als Ihren Anwalt, wenn Sie eine Beratung hinsichtlich der Geschäftsführerhaftung für einen erlittenen Schaden benötigen.

damages in the event of bankruptcy

Your lawyer for professional litigation

In the event of insolvency, every manager has a particular liability risk. The managing director must immediately file for insolvency as soon as insolvency or over-indebtedness occurs. If a shareholder violates this obligation, he is liable to the company for damages. The insolvency administrator asserts this. A managing director often overlooks the insolvency and still makes payments from the insolvency estate. He is then liable with his private assets for compensation for the damage suffered. In such a case, D&O insurance often covers the damage. 

However, contractual partners of an insolvent company can also claim damages against its managing director. A client is often in a situation where he has accepted orders from a company in the belief that the company is able and willing to pay. If a managing director overlooks the fact that insolvency or overindebtedness has already occurred and is still concluding contracts, the contractual partner can in principle demand compensation. This is not aimed at the lost profit, but only at the reimbursement of the expenses for the advance service. However, your company can claim part of the damage directly against the managing director and is not dependent on the insolvency rate.

As a specialized litigator and specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law, I am your contact and I am happy to represent you and your company as the injured party in enforcing your claims for damages in all courts, as well as at the company headquarters and nationwide throughout Germany. 

Rechtsanwalt München
In insolvency cases, I will represent you in court and represent your claims for damages. 
Rechtsanwalt München

litigation in court

Contractual Claims for Damages

With experience and negotiating power, andrelang law and Dr. Christian Andrelang, LL.M. as a lawyer you and your company also in court proceedings due to contractual claims for damages. Areas of law are company law, antitrust law, international economic and commercial law as well as distribution and competition law. andrelang law takes over the legal representation for example for:

Clients rely on andrelang law's many years of experience in legal representation in court, the negotiating strength and the well-founded commercial knowledge. In particular in the event of conflicts in supply relationships, andrelang law offers legal assistance. If you and your company have been injured due to a defective delivery, you are regularly entitled to a claim for damages. However, it is a prerequisite that you have observed the applicable provisions on the examination and notification of defects. Likewise, contractual agreements on liability risk and limitation of liability are important when examining claims for damages. andrelang law will also be happy to represent you in the event of claims for damages in the event of an illegal termination of the contract.

As your legal contact, I also represent you in court when asserting claims, for example for payment of the purchase price. If your company has suffered damage here, I will check the legal situation, possible damage positions and the contractual regulations. As a legal representative, andrelang law is not tied to the seat of the law firm in Munich, but can support you nationwide.

Litigation for claims under distribution law

Right to Compensation and Damages

Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, retailers and sales representatives work closely together when selling products. This often leads to conflicts that can sometimes only be resolved in court. dr Christian Andrelang, LL.M. as an experienced lawyer in Munich, offers all companies in the various levels of trade the legal representation of their interests in court. This also applies to cross-border sales relationships.

Kündigung von Verträgen

The most common reasons for litigation in antitrust, distribution, corporate and commercial law are termination of a contractual relationship and claims for damages. Sales representatives, authorized dealers and commission agents regularly attack a contract termination in order to enforce claims for damages, commission, book excerpt and compensation. 

Unterlassung & Schadensersatz

Manufacturers and importers often complain about parallel imports and gray market deliveries from their dealers. Legal proceedings then often revolve around claims for injunctive relief and damages. Other breaches of contract, such as violations of exclusivity agreements by dealers or commercial agents, can also entail a liability risk for your company. As a specialist lawyer for international business law and specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law, I am happy to take over the litigation for the enforcement of your rights.  

Corporate Disputes

Exclusion and Compensation

Disputes between shareholders in a company often end up in court because personal quarrels and serious violations of the articles of association or the duty of loyalty prevent the company from continuing constructively. dr Christian Andrelang, LL.M. As a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law, he examines the legal options for you to leave a company or exclude a shareholder. An important reason is regularly required for an exclusion. An important reason is, for example, a violation of non-competition clauses, bribe payments or behavior that is harmful to business. If the articles of incorporation do not provide for a right of resignation or termination, or if the shareholders' meeting does not agree, the resignation of a shareholder also requires an important reason.

The shareholders' meeting decides on the exclusion of a shareholder. The affected shareholder is not entitled to vote. However, he can contest the shareholders' resolution if there is no sufficiently important reason for the resolution. The shareholders' meeting can also decide on the dismissal as managing director if the shareholder is also the managing director. The constellations are diverse. Therefore, benefit from my expertise as a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law if you have any questions.

It should always be noted that someone is a shareholder for as long as he is entered in the list of shareholders in the commercial register. Court proceedings can take a long time. An agreement is often reached on the departure of a shareholder and the payment of a severance payment. Their calculation is complicated. There are often provisions on this in the articles of association. However, these are often ineffective – despite notarization. Here, too, I am at your side as a lawyer with my experience.

Litigation representation with expertise and strategy

The course of your case in court

There can be a variety of reasons why you choose to go to court. For one thing, it may not be possible to resolve your dispute out of court. On the other hand, there are certain legal claims that can only be clarified in court and the consequences of which are only effective for you or your partner. In any case, a civil process requires a litigation strategy. 

The following questions must be answered before filing a lawsuit:

Rechtsanwalt München

Dr. Christian Andrelang, LL.M. steht Ihnen gerne als Rechtsanwalt und Prozessbevollmächtigter bei Schadensersatzansprüchen aus Vertragsverletzungen oder unerlaubten Handlungen zur Verfügung. Hat eine Verhandlung vor Gericht zu einem Urteil geführt, schließt sich oft ein Berufungsverfahren vor dem Oberlandesgericht an. Ich kann kann als Ihr Anwalt Ihren Fall bundesweit vor den Oberlandesgerichten als Prozessvertreter übernehmen und für Sie durchfechten.

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Die Vertretung durch Rechtsanwalt Dr. Andrelang in unserem Fall gegen eine andere Partei war exzellent. Sein professionelles Verhalten und strategisches Handeln als Anwalt haben den Unterschied gemacht. Eine Persönlichkeit, die weiß, wie man in schwierigen Situationen agiert.
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In einer Auseinandersetzung mit einer wichtigen Vertragspartei hat Dr. Andrelang mit seinem sachkundigen Verhalten und seiner kompetenten Vertretung unsere Position hervorragend vertreten. Sein Handeln spiegelte die Werte unseres Unternehmens wider.
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Dr. Andrelang hat uns bei kritischen Kündigungen von Verträgen vertreten. Sein Verhalten gegenüber allen Parteien war tadellos, und seine Vertretung war von entschlossener Professionalität geprägt. Als Person und Anwalt hat er unsere Erwartungen übertroffen.
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Wir schätzen den Rechtsanwalt für sein faires und respektvolles Verhalten, sowohl gegenüber unserer Partei als auch gegenüber dem Gericht. Seine Vertretung war geprägt von Integrität und einem proaktiven Handeln, was in unserem Fall den Ausschlag gab.
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Als Anwalt hat Dr. Andrelang mit seinem umsichtigen Handeln und seiner überlegenen Vertretungstechnik eine herausfordernde Situation mit einer anderen Partei zu unseren Gunsten gelöst. Seine Person steht für Vertrauenswürdigkeit und juristische Schärfe.
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In einem komplexen Fall, der die Kündigung von Verträgen und mehrere beteiligte Parteien beinhaltete, hat Dr. Andrelang durch sein bedachtes Verhalten und seine zielgerichtete Vertretung beeindruckt. Sein Handeln zeigte tiefes Verständnis für die Nuancen des Rechts.



Anwalt Gesellschaftsrecht und Handelsrecht

dr Andrelang, LL. M

Specialist lawyer for international business law

Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law


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