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Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law

Office for corporate law in Munich

As a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law, I offer you comprehensive legal advice so that you can shape your company in a legally secure manner in your interest as a shareholder, founder or managing director and make use of the complex legal possibilities. If my clients are the CEOs of the company, they are usually concerned with questions about company management, the creation of efficient structures for trade and sales or the avoidance of liability risks. As a shareholder in a company, on the other hand, you focus on the well-being of your company. As a founder, you want to achieve a clear structure for your company right from the start, exhaust all possibilities and, if necessary, secure venture capital partners for financing.

If you want to join a company as a partner, I will help you as a lawyer to use corporate law for the valuation of the company and the due diligence check. As a lawyer specializing in corporate law in Munich, I advise entrepreneurs and merchants on setting up companies and businesses and on company takeovers. I also support you in the dispute between shareholders, the structuring of the separation and the determination of the severance pay.

  • incorporation of the company

  • The security of your company

  • changes in your society

  • Advice to your company

  • Conflict resolution within your society

  • Commercial and corporate law as well as liability issues

services of the law firm

As a lawyer and specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law in Munich, I am an expert in these areas and would be happy to support your company with my experience.

I provide cross-border consulting services for my clients from all business areas as part of my specialist law firm for commercial law and corporate law in Munich and throughout Germany.

1. Contact and understanding

Feel free to contact me with your corporate law concerns. It is important to me to understand your question and your goal precisely in order to check the appropriate procedure for you in the first step.

2. Options and solution

There are often several paths to a goal. Where this is the case for you, we use my legal assessment to select the combination of options that suits you in order to resolve your issue.

3. Implementation and result

The chosen solution is implemented in a legally compliant manner and continued until the result matches your goal. So that your company can operate safely on the market.

Do you need legal advice?

Of course, you can fully rely on me and my law firm andrelang law in Munich for support. Ask me without obligation.

individual services

As a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law in Munich, I am the contact for you and your medium-sized company in all questions of corporate law.

Founding of a GmbH

Advice on founding a GmbH

Establishing a GmbH is often a good way to start your company, regardless of whether you sell your own products or offer services or are a supplier, dealer or sales representative. As a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law in Munich, I am the right contact person for you if you want to set up a new company successfully. I advise you individually at the founding your partnership or corporation. You know your entrepreneurial goals, but I know your risks associated with the activities and services of your company. We discuss tax planning options and the right partnership or corporation for you.

start-up advice

With advice on company law, I support you in founding your GmbH, in particular on share capital, shares, the articles of association or employee participation.

Clear contract design
I take care of a articles of association that are tailored to your company. In particular, the articles of association should regulate the management, the passing of resolutions, leaving the company, non-competition clauses and transactions requiring approval.


I would be happy to support you competently and purposefully in founding your company. If, for example, you are not personally liable and would like to set up a trading, service or sales company, a limited liability company would be the right option for you - regardless of whether your company headquarters are in Munich or elsewhere in Germany is.

The better the articles of association are tailored to your entrepreneurial activities, the smoother your trade and all activities will work. That is why one thing is particularly important to me as your lawyer when founding your company: to explain your legal options for your needs and to advise you appropriately according to your goals and ideas.

If you set up your GmbH alone, the articles of association can be short and sweet. If you have several shareholders, you should think about how you want to regulate questions of representation by the managing directors, transactions requiring approval, non-competition clauses, resolutions and the transferability of shares.

Drafting articles of association and articles of incorporation is not the only focus of my work as a lawyer. My law firm will also advise you on opening business accounts and on negotiations with banks. Furthermore, I support managing directors from abroad in the resulting legal peculiarities that have to be observed. As part of my legal advice, I regularly show my clients design options.

Managing Director

Your questions about the managing director

As a CEO, you have many obligations under company law. As a GmbH managing director, you take over the internal control of the company and organize shareholder meetings. You must always observe special duties of care in order not to be personally liable. At this point, as a lawyer and specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law, I would be happy to support you with my knowledge and many years of expertise in these topics. With my law firm, I see myself as your sparring partner, who explains the gray areas of the business judgment rule to you and, as your lawyer, supports you in the introduction of risk management. In the spirit of compliance, we jointly guarantee the necessary observance of the law.

As a shareholder, you decide whether you are the CEO yourself or whether you employ an external manager. Irrespective of this decision, every CEO needs a service contract that is tax-optimized in terms of salary and bonuses. In every entrepreneurial company, the binding regulation of the rights and duties of the CEO is indispensable. In particular, there is a risk of hidden profit distribution for the managing partner. I would be happy to advise you on how the relationship between salary and bonuses should be regulated. In the case of an external managing director, the non-competition clause, the reporting obligations and labor law regulations on vacation, illness, private use of vehicles and IT equipment are other important regulatory issues. These topics are also the focus of my consulting work as a lawyer and specialist lawyer in commercial law and corporate law.

The management must observe capital protection, the rules of action, compliance with the provisions of commercial law and business law, and liability. These topics must therefore be regulated in the GmbH articles of association, in the rules of procedure for the management and in the service contract of the GmbH managing director. As a lawyer and specialist in this field, I have already supported many entrepreneurs in Munich and throughout Germany in choosing the best structure for their corporation. I also support the board of directors of a stock corporation, which is liable for damages in the event of breaches of duty by the stock corporation.

liability for damages

Support in the case of the managing director's liability for damages

Another focus of my work as a lawyer, specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law and specialist lawyer for international business law is the examination, preparation and assertion of liability claims against the CEO of your company. As a lawyer for commercial and corporate law, I support you in such matters both in and out of court. Regardless of whether the company is based in Munich, outside of Munich or in the rest of Germany. Every managing director has special duties of care that can result from company law, commercial law, commercial law or antitrust law.

If the CEO violates these duties of care, he is liable for damages. A so-called D&O insurance then often takes over for the damage. Breaches of due diligence often involve bribe payments, antitrust violations or statute-barred claims. As your lawyer, I combine my know-how in corporate law, criminal law and commercial law with the special requirements of managing director liability for the best solution.

corporate transactions

Advice on corporate transactions

As a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law and a lawyer for international business law, I can also advise you on company purchases and sales. As a specialized lawyer, I differentiate between buyers and sellers in order to initiate the necessary steps in each case.

A particular focus here is the negotiation of the purchase price. As a buyer, you need a company valuation as part of a due diligence in order to get an idea of the value of the company. In addition, information on customer relationships, liabilities, know-how, personnel and risks are fundamental for the company valuation.

Since the buyer usually agrees a non-competition clause with the seller, competition law also plays an important role in the purchase of a company. For the seller, on the other hand, securing the purchase price and reducing his liability is important. The decisive factor here is whether the company's shares (share deal) or the company's components themselves (asset deal) are sold. The design options that I can use for you as a lawyer are complex - regardless of whether you want the purchase price to be split into a fixed and a variable part, or whether you prefer a guarantee in the purchase contract.

Sales restructuring, conversions, restructuring close to insolvency and the reorganization of coordination relationships are areas in which I can support you with my advice. Special corporate law and insolvency law expertise as well as knowledge of commercial law play a special role here. As a lawyer and specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law in this area, I will be happy to answer your questions about all corporate transactions.

You are also welcome to contact me when your company is restructured – especially when it comes to changes of legal form or the splitting up or spin-off of companies or parts of companies. The most common cases are succession planning and the takeover of companies. The inclusion of silent partners as investors is also one of the relevant tasks in this area.


shareholder conflicts

Advice on shareholder conflicts

I am happy to offer you my experience in legal issues relating to conflicts of interest between shareholders. Conflicts can arise in the orientation of your company, the distribution of profits or the acceptance of new shareholders. These do not automatically have to degenerate into shareholder disputes within your company. If you find that your original interests no longer exist because the company, the customers or the market environment has changed, I can help you to change accordingly.

As a specialist lawyer, I advise you on internal conflicts and corporate disputes. In order to be able to ward off legal attacks against you, you should know your legal position precisely and be well informed and prepared. Ideally, you can negotiate with the other side and find a sensible solution out of court.

Disputes between shareholders cannot always be resolved out of court. Therefore, sometimes the only option is the exclusion of shareholders from the corporation or partnership with limited liability or even legal action. Should a shareholder dispute actually turn into a court case, I will represent you as your lawyer for corporate law and support you as your legal representative. Succession arrangements can also be part of a comprehensive shareholder dispute. In this case, my law firm in Munich will help you to secure your rights and to represent your interests.

shareholders' meeting

Shareholders' meeting by a lawyer with expertise

As a lawyer and specialist lawyer for commercial law and corporate law as well as a specialist lawyer for international commercial law, I also provide the services of a company secretary. This means that I take over the legal organization and support of your shareholders' meeting, general meeting or supervisory board meeting. In particular, this includes observing summons deadlines, the correct wording of summonses and draft resolutions in accordance with company law and commercial law. In addition, I can help you to coordinate the agenda together and take the minutes of general meetings in German or English.

My clients also regularly ask about my services as a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law on complex decision-making issues such as the preparation and approval of the annual financial statements, the appropriation or retention of profits, the discharge of the management, the preparation of the annual plan including the budget or the granting of approval for certain transactions.

Corporate law with additional competencies

Office for corporate law with additional competencies

If you want to cooperate with competitors, I will develop solutions to prevent antitrust violations. In such cooperations, I always take into account antitrust law and international economic and commercial law, as well as the points of contact with distribution and competition law. In times of crisis, when questions of restructuring and insolvency law can become significant, I will help you regularly with the involvement of experts. 

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Lawyer gave very good advice and took a lot of time. We were able to ask all questions about our medium-sized business cooperation. Above all, it was important to us not to risk violating antitrust law and mixing up our different business areas. Now we have a very good solution for the future.
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I wanted to secure my family and transfer everything while I was still alive. Mr. Andrelang advised me on various solutions for wills, articles of association and donations. Where Mr. Andrelang did not have in-depth knowledge, he brought in another advisor, for example on inheritance tax law. All round professional.
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We are very satisfied with the start-up advice from andrelang law. Right from the start, we were informed clearly and understandably about the necessary regulations on share capital, management, bank accounts, the passing of resolutions and transactions requiring approval. The articles of association comprehensively covered our interests, so that we were able to set up our GmbH within a short period of time.
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A real shark in shareholder disputes. There was a clear strategy that Dr. Andrelang implemented hard but fair. Don't hesitate to go to court either.
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Our former managing director left us a shambles. with dr Only Andrelang did we understand the difficulties we were in. But fortunately we were able to repeat a large part of the damage suffered by the managing director and the D&O insurance.



dr Andrelang, LL. M

Specialist lawyer for international business law

Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law


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