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Legal advise in cross-border and cross-sector distribution and sales

I am happy to assist you as a certified lawyer for international traded law and a certified lawyer for commercial and corporate law, especially in distribution and competition law. Distribution of products and services is a core competence of mine. My many years of expertise and focus in distribution and competition law in particular include the following:

When structuring and adapting distribution systems as well as dealer and representative networks, my years of legal experience and commercial perspective are a particular advantage for my clients.

I offer comprehensive legal advice on the choice of the distribution structure, such as direct sales or cooperation with dealers in selective distribution systems, sales representatives, commission agents, or the granting of brand licenses. If you have the desire to change your company’s distribution structure, I would be happy to advise you on area changes and cancellations.

I also assist you as a highly experienced lawyer for distribution matter about any rights and claims arising from general terms and conditions, consumer protection, quality specifications, securing claims in the event of defects, assortment specifications, warehousing, and warranty processing by contracting parties.

Legal advice on online sales, in particular the limitation of dealers to use third party platform, is one of my core strnegths. If you have questions about the integration of e-commerce and eServices in brick-and-mortar retailing, you can rely on my knowledge of distribution law and my detailed advice.

I prefer to help you without time-consuming legal disputes. However, should it come to disputes that are difficult to resolve out of court, I will accompany you as your litigator throughout the entire court case.

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Overview of aspects of distribution

Distribution and fair competition

Legally optimized distribution of your products

Especially in the case of product distribution, it is important to be well aware of your company’s legal position and to be able to rely on sales-related support in the life of a product from production through customs and delivery to finally compliance with binding agreements. I, Dr. Andrelang, LL.M., am available to assist you with advice and assistance in particular these areas:

Also antitrust matter, in particular price recommendations, territory allocation and dealer selection are part of distribution. Please refer to the antitrust page for more details.

When selling and distributing your products and services, there are many risks and pitfalls, but also many options. I am happy to help you with the design of your distribution system in accordance with antitrust law to help your company thrive on the efficient distribution of products and services.

As a lawyer with a strong focus on distribution issues, I already have substantial experience in advising companies in distribution in the following industries: musical instruments and equipment, communication technology, and lifestyle. As successful distribution follows a certain principle and is not fully tied to a respective industry, I can provide you with comprehensive advice in competition and distribution law, regardless of the industry of your company.

If you have questions about distribution law, please contact me at any time to arrange for an initial consultation. You can contact me by phone, e-mail or via the online contact form.

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