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Services and core competences of andrelang law

My more than 15 years of professional experience as a lawyer and as a specialist in my areas of specialization corporate law, antitrust law, distribution law, international trade and commercial law and litigation in these areas of law, allow me to support you and your company in an interest-driven and goal-oriented manner.


Corporate law particularly deals with M & A, shareholders’ meetings, the management of your company, and litigation against the management.


Antitrust law determines the limits of competitive behaviour of companies in distribution, purchasing, pricing, cooperations with competitors and the consequences of infringements such as damages.


andrelang law specializes in legal advice for selective distribution, sales agents and dealers, as well as litigation for contract termination and compensation.

International trade and commerce

Legal advice in all matters of international trade and commerce, in particular purchasing, liability cases, supply contracts, and cooperation in research and development.


andrelang law represents your interests in court cases in the listed areas of expertise, in particular damages claims for antitrust violations and compensation claims.

Business Insights

Blogs on current topics in corporate, antitrust, distribution and international trade and commercial law as well as whitepapers for download.

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If you want to use my services as a specialist lawyer for corporate and commercial law, feel free to contact me at any time. My law firm andrelang law can be reached by calling 089/2020 1272, email or using the online contact form. I look forward to welcoming you soon in my office.

Dr. Andrelang, LL. M.

certified lawyer international trade law

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