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The digital transformation of business areas and internal processes is affecting companies from all areas of economic life. Digitization does not stop at national borders. It is increasingly defining business models, and not only for digital companies. The use of new digital technologies always leads to points of contact with legal issues, especially in software licensing agreements. Internet law, antitrust and competition law, copyright law and media law are always relevant. As a lawyer, I therefore regularly deal with the legal aspects of digital transformation and new technologies with my IT law firm.

As a lawyer and specialist attorney for commercial law and corporate law in Munich, I am an expert in these areas and will be happy to support your company with my experience.

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Individual services

Software license agreement and digital transformation

Drafting and negotiating software license agreements

Whoever wishes to use third-party software must do so on the basis of a corresponding license. Without a license, there is no right of use. Each license agreement is the legal basis for essential contractual obligations for the license and the conditions for its use. In the B2B area, the complicated consumer protection regulations do not apply. However, the law governing general terms and conditions does apply here, as do Internet law, telecommunications law and copyright law. 

My firm therefore offers software manufacturers the following services in particular:

In the area of software maintenance, as an IT lawyer for companies, I control the legally appropriate formulation of service levels. Likewise, I support you with my law firm in the negotiation of framework agreements with customers, suppliers and service providers. I know the sales-legal and the purchasing-legal side of a contract and therefore advise you and your company in a sound legal manner. My advice for companies are independent of whether you are a licensee or a software manufacturer.

Digital transformation of sales

Support for legal certainty for digital distribution

The digitization of distribution networks and e-commerce have become indispensable sales channels in their own right. Nowadays, a company can no longer ignore the use of digital technologies and online commerce in the area of sales and customer acquisition. 

The sale of products, services and software on the Internet by means of online stores, apps and platforms requires the adaptation of sales processes and the legal framework. The digital transformation of sales and the combination of product and software licensing lead to a new organization of your company. Online commerce and the digitalization that accompanies it only work with a new sales mindset. The use of products no longer depends only on the conclusion of a sales contract. The customer also becomes your company's licensee to use product features via paid software upgrades and software apps. 

In my legal advice on digital distribution, I create legal certainty for your company in the following legal applications:

Antitrust law and digitalization

Advice on your claims under antitrust and competition law

Antitrust and competition law are becoming increasingly important, especially when dealing with data. Companies in the Big Data sector in the European Union, in Germany or locally in Munich may be obliged to grant other companies rights of use for data. This is comparable to software licenses. These influence your company's strategy in purchasing and sales. Any contract with points of contact to digitalization and digital processes must therefore include antitrust law.

This is particularly true in the area of research and development, where many companies, especially in the Munich area, have particular expertise in the digitalization of engineering, e-health and marketing. The topic of "software license and license agreement" in the case of offers from companies with strong market positions is also particularly important in the area of digital transformation.

If companies are dependent on software from a software manufacturer, the manufacturer may be obligated under antitrust law to conclude a software license agreement and to grant access to information for the use of the data. As an attorney specializing in IT law, I will be happy to advise you on your antitrust and competition law claims. 

Digital transformation in companies

Support for legally compliant design of digital cooperations

The digital transformation of companies also influences corporate strategies in growth and organization. As a lawyer specializing in commercial and corporate law and a specialist in international business law, I regularly advise my clients on the acquisition of companies in the fields of engineering and software, as well as on the purchase of digital services such as cyber security. 

Partnerships for a joint strategy to implement digitalization projects are also becoming increasingly important for companies. Securing supply chains requires collaboration between companies and third parties, which can be implemented more easily and effectively digitally. As your law firm for companies, I advise you on the legally compliant design of such digital collaborations.

E-health - the new business model

Advice on telemedicine and contracts in the field of digital technology

Digitalization is redefining the way we deal with health to an unprecedented degree. With the introduction of the e-prescription and the electronic patient file as part of e-health, healthcare is being completely reorganized. Pharmacies will no longer be able to dispense medicines without the e-prescription. The GDPR-compliant processing of personal data and health-related information of patients in the field of telemedicine, as well as data protection declarations in the field of medicine pose new tasks for all companies in the healthcare sector. 

The digital organization of healthcare by means of e-health requires new legal processes in the area of enterprise resource planning, standard software, IT contracts for software maintenance and secure Internet connections, as well as software license agreements and usage rights. Doctors, dentists, pharmacies and other companies will become licenses for digital services. Their self-image will change significantly in the context of e-health. Internet law and digital support for patients and customers will determine our understanding of services in the field of health in the future. As a lawyer for Internet law in Munich, I provide you and your company with legal sound advice on all questions of software licensing law, IT contract law and relevant legal texts on the digital transformation in medicine. 

Discussions about telemedicine, in particular health care and medical advice on health issues via the Internet, are also still very relevant. Online sick leave via video conferencing, for example, is already being seriously considered as a concrete application. Many legally relevant questions concerning the doctor-patient relationship, such as the digital protection of trust or Internet law, are also being raised here. With my law firm, I will be happy to advise you and your company as a lawyer in the area of telemedicine and on the right contract in each case in the area of digital technologies.

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