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International commercial law and business law today permeate all areas of economic life. As an experienced lawyer and specialist attorney for international business law, I support you, especially in the following topics of international business and commercial law:

With my law firm I cover the entire area of German contract law, including the German Civil Code and the law of general terms and conditions, as well as international contract law. Any company engaged in cross-border trade must take care to consider international business law in every sales contract or contract for work and services. As a specialist in international commercial law, I can incorporate and apply the details of international commercial law when drafting a contract. Furthermore, as a lawyer, I can offer you individually tailored contracts and solutions for different industries and business sectors. Read below how I can support you as a lawyer with my law firm in an efficient and legally optimized way.

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Particular services

Contract negotiation

Advising CEO on contract negotiations

As a lawyer, I work closely with my clients' CEOs and managing directors when negotiating international contracts. If you have questions about a sales contract, a contract for work and services, or a research and development contract with an international element, feel free to contact me as your expert attorney. As an experienced lawyer, I participate in telephone calls and video conferences and present the legal position of my clients. I conduct contract negotiations with your suppliers and customers in German and English.

Independently of whether your company sells its products or purchases goods, components or raw materials for the manufacture of its products, there are important legal areas to be considered. Therefore, international contract law, commercial law, defect rights, limitation of liability, infringement of third party rights such as trademark and patent rights, insurance and coverage issues, and the applicability of German law are always important issues for companies. As a lawyer, I regulate them clearly and sensibly in every contract. If conflicts arise, they should be resolved by provisions in your international contract. I help you as your lawyer to formulate your respective contract, be it a sales contract or a contract for work and services, internationally secure in German and English.  

Contract law covers conflict situations preventively. In the event that clarification is not possible, your contract should therefore also make a decision on the jurisdiction of a German court or international commercial jurisdiction. Not all countries offer equally fast and efficient legal protection in court. Sometimes arbitration may be the better choice. As your lawyer, I will competently support you in this decision-making process.

International Contract Law

Assistance with international contract law

International contract law has many facets. Private international law determines which law is applicable. Your contract, whether in B2B or e-commerce, should clearly determine the applicable law. In international trade, you should leave nothing to chance. UN Sales Law, also known as CISG, is automatically applicable when choosing German law, if it is not explicitly excluded in the contract. With my international business law firm at your side, you can be sure that your company does not overlook any important points when negotiating contracts and asserting claims.

International trade law also affects the law governing general terms and conditions. Incorporating your terms and conditions of purchase or sale and defending against your contract partner's terms and conditions can be disputes critical, such as obligations to inspect goods and give notice of defects and retention of title in the European Union. Today, contract law has an increasing impact on international commercial contracts, especially in e-commerce and B2B platforms. As your lawyer, I am up to date and reliably inform you about new legal regulations.

International sale of goods and liability

Advice on international purchase of goods and possible liability risks

As a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law and as a specialist lawyer for international commercial law, I have focused my commercial law practice on the international purchase of goods as well as advice and litigation in the event of liability risks. German sales law, UN sales law and contract law play a central role in my advice in order to correctly assess liability risks in case of defects of products or maintenance services in international trade and to derive claims.

If you deliver your products to other companies in the European Union, securing your purchase price claim against their customers is of particular importance. Preventively, as your lawyer, I already set the right course for securing your legal position during contract negotiations. If a judicial enforcement of your claims abroad is necessary, you can rely on my large international network of friendly law firms.

If you are unjustly claimed, I will build your legal defense strategy for you and explain opportunities and possible risks. I will also give you legal advice on the terms of delivery according to Incoterms, international clauses in the trade of goods, cross-border distribution and purchasing cooperations or serial damages of products and the related recall.

International Business Law

Cross-border brand distribution

International commercial law primarily concerns international trade. International commercial law goes further: it also includes cross-border trademark distribution in the European Union, antitrust law, insolvency law and cross-border corporate law.

My business law firm andrelang law and my many years of professional experience, my expertise and my commercial perspective offer you and your company legal certainty in advising and assisting you in all areas concerning cross-border commercial law and international trade law. If your case should come to court, you can rely on me, my experience and competence in litigation. Feel free to make use of my consulting services if you are a CEO or managing director in need of legal advice and assistance.

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Specialist lawyer for international business law

Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law


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