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Tips from the lawyer: commercial law

Business law is an extensive area of law that deals with the legal regulations and relationships in the field of business and companies. It includes all legal aspects that affect the economic activities of companies, the self-employed, consumers and other economic actors. The commercial private law that is to be addressed here includes areas of law such as this commercial law, corporate law, antitrust law, competition law and commercial legal protection.

As a business owner, it is important to understand business law and comply with applicable rules and regulations. In the area of antitrust and distribution law in particular, there are a large number of aspects that must be taken into account in order to avoid legal conflicts and to run your own company successfully. This article aims to provide some valuable tips from the point of view of a Specialist lawyer for corporate law and specialist lawyer for international business law be collected.

Understand antitrust law:

Antitrust law aims to protect competition and prevent the formation of cartels or other anti-competitive practices. It is important to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of antitrust law in order to recognize and avoid potential violations. This includes, for example, the ban on price fixing, the sharing of markets or the abuse of a dominant position. The exchange of price-sensitive information between competitors is also prohibited. Exclusive supply agreements or non-competition clauses are also critical and must be carefully examined.

Draft sales contracts carefully:

Distribution agreements relate to cooperation with specialist dealers, wholesalers and commercial agents. When drafting sales contracts, it is important to observe the legal requirements and to make individual agreements that do justice to the interests of all parties. This includes, for example, the definition of sales areas and sales restrictions. It is advisable to seek the support of an experienced lawyer in order to minimize possible antitrust risks.

The commercial agent may be given specifications for prices and terms of delivery. The authorized dealer who buys and sells himself, on the other hand, must remain free to set his prices and terms of delivery.

Reporting obligations and marketing requirements are also important so that the company can get an idea of whether the products are being marketed correctly.

Companies should always keep in mind that every commercial agent is entitled to a commercial agent compensation claim upon termination of the contract. This also applies to authorized dealers if the authorized dealer has to disclose customer data and is integrated into the sales organization. The compensation claim of the commercial agent cannot be excluded in advance.

Check vertical agreements:

Vertical agreements between manufacturers and distributors must be carefully assessed for their compatibility with antitrust law. This applies in particular to delivery restrictions and exclusivity clauses. A lawyer can assist you in reviewing and drafting such agreements to ensure they comply with legal requirements.

Avoid market power and abuse:

Companies with a dominant position - market share in excess of 40% - must be particularly careful not to engage in antitrust misconduct. The abuse of market power, such as excessive prices or the obstruction of competition, can lead to significant legal consequences. It is advisable to develop a comprehensive compliance strategy and conduct regular training for employees in order to minimize antitrust risks.

This also applies to so-called strong companies that do not have a market share of 40%, but a special market position that means that other companies are dependent on them because there are no reasonable alternative sources of supply.

Regular review of business practices:

It is important to regularly review one's business practices and ensure they are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This applies in particular to the sale of products or services to ensure that there are no impermissible restrictions on competition and that antitrust risks are minimized.

Get legal advice:

If you have any questions or uncertainties in connection with business law matters, it is advisable to consult an experienced business law attorney. As a client, you will receive sound advice and support in all legal matters from your specialist lawyer. Early advice can help to identify potential risks and avoid legal conflicts.

Check the legal structure of the company:

In the field of commercial law, it is important to choose the right legal form for your company. Aspects of corporate law play an important role here. A lawyer can advise you on the right corporate structure and help you to meet legal requirements.

Contract design and review:

Contracts are essential in business. To avoid legal conflicts, contracts should be drafted and checked carefully. A business law attorney can help you review contracts for legal validity and clarity, and assist you in negotiating contract terms.

Introduce compliance programs:

In order to minimize possible legal risks and to meet legal requirements, it is advisable to introduce a compliance program in your company. This includes implementing policies and processes to comply with laws and regulations. A lawyer can advise you on developing a tailored compliance program.


Business law, especially antitrust and distribution law, plays a crucial role for companies. By understanding the basic principles and complying with the applicable regulations, companies can avoid legal conflicts and operate successfully in the market. The support of an experienced lawyer is invaluable in identifying potential risks and taking appropriate action. By following the above tips and implementing a thorough compliance strategy, you can put your business on legally safe ground and ensure long-term success.

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